Sydney. New York. Los Angeles. Berlin. Vienna.

A unique skill set comes from unique life and professional experience. It's not enough to learn how to stand, how to 'project' your voice, how to create a better slide deck. Audiences respond to who we are and how effectively we can take an idea that lights up our central nervous system and make it light up theirs. I've spent a lifetime refining the process of generating impact in human exchange. Taking ideas, words, communication and bringing those elements to life. Bringing energy into the room, generating more while there and leaving it behind me when I'm gone.

Some time back, I discovered another passion: helping those in the business arena do the same thing. I empower people to be their optimal self in their daily private and public exchanges. And have a great time doing it. 


"Transformational ideas sit us up in bed at night. Transformational presence and presentation should sit us up in our seats."