I occupy a niche.

It's a sweet spot that incorporates my passion for story and the public arena, my interest in business and a fascination with the dynamics of human exchange. This has proven useful for businesspeople. 

I help you access your most powerful, precise and free self. With that in place, whatever material you're working with can flow through with a chance to impact the listener. But we're not done- we also will work on the material itself. Novel, suspenseful stories don't have to just happen in books or on screen. With the right approach, any presentation or communication can be memorable. 


Why 7?

Powerful number. 7 spheres of influence. 7 deadly sins. 7 wonders of the world. 7 days of creation.

I like to present things in 7s. Not too many, not too few. 

Also, the domain name "grayspace" was taken.