Be fierce in all aspects of how you affect people.

And how you allow yourself to be affected.

This is all about generating outcomes that are more productive, alive and frequent.


What are the topics?

How you communicate.

Connect and respond.

Lead and gain buy-in.

Pitch and present.

New behaviour = new results.

“For our corporate senior leadership trainings at Henkel, we needed a strategic trainer who could work with a diverse range of leaders across many topics. Marc elevated their content and performance with simple but powerful tools and the results have been influential within the company. The expertise and energy Marc brings into his sessions are simply outstanding.”
— Sheba Varghese, Senior Manager Strategy & Change Communications, Henkel

I see myself as effecting change in three ways: Messenger, Trainer, Inspirer. Sometimes I’m doing all three simultaneously. Sometimes I’m living in one more than the others. Whether it’s the message, the skill being practiced or moments of inspiration, my rule is simple: it must be alive. It must be concrete. It must be useful.


humans are humans.

They just happen to organize in

different shapes and sizes.

Workshops. Solo mentoring.

Training series. Talk.

Group Facilitation. It’s a joy

to work with people, stretch

together and experience

growth in real time.

Marc, thank you for giving a new perspective on leadership. A true inspiration. It has been an incredible journey so far and you helped us to charge the teams and accelerate them on the path to bring a new leadership style to life.”
— Martin Böhm, Chief Digital Officer, Beiersdorf


Yes, I was in The Matrix.

I’ve spent a lifetime honing the

skills of communication,

behaviour creation, personal

presence and effecting change.

Now I make them accessible to

actors in the business arena.

When someone asks me what makes me feel lucky in my work, the answer is immediate: “I get to connect with other human beings.” Feel free to reach out even if you’re just curious or have a question. I enjoy hearing a new voice.